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Business Fields

Our company is engaged in the development, production and sale of power amplifiers as well as computer-controlled measurement and test systems. Since all the functions necessary to design, develop and manufacture the equipment exists within the company, we are able to offer both flexibility of design and quality of manufacture.

We supply customers in such diverse areas as science, technology, industry, medicine and EDP, with major markets being within our customers’ development and quality assurance departments, as well as for incoming inspection of external devices.


Quality has its price. Cheap devices are no alternative to Spitzenberger & Spies products, which are backed up by an extensive research and development programme. All our devices are designed in such a way that you can always expect to archieve full power and the highest reliability – under all possible operating conditions. We do our utmost to offer you perfection!

Purchase and store department

Spitzenberger & Spies stands for quality from the start! This begins with the purchase of the single assemblies.
The absence of local suppliers, together with the need to manufacture special devices, requires a large-scale-stock-keeping which is also the benefit of our customers.


All Spitzenberger & Spies devices are manufactured by specialists with many years of experience. This fact – combined with extensive design facilities – enables us to manufacture systems exactly in accordance with customer specifications.
Due to our extensive range of products, we are able to produce special devices and complete power supply systems to your precise requirements. You benefit from our years of experience within this field.

Quality assurance

We attach great importance to our independent quality assurance group at every level of the production process. Only devices and systems which meet their specifications 100% will ever leave our works. Extensive recorded results for each product delivered are maintained. Quality and security for our customers!