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Corporate Policy

Our devices are recognized for their high quality and reliability, features our customers have come to rely on.

Spitzenberger & Spies stands for:

  • Quality
    We attach great importance to the manufacturing of totally reliable products. Thus, we only utilise the highest quality assemblies and materials. Our motto: Quality made in Germany!

  • Experience
    For more than 50 years now, our company has led the field in the design of high-power amplifiers. For decades, we have been developing fully-transistorized amplifiers of higher and higher power, and have thus acquired substantial knowledge in this field. Our knowledge is our capital.

  • Security
    Our devices are electronically protected against overload, short circuit and overtemperature, as well as against misuse. Many of them have proved their reliability and longevity in continuous 24-hour operation.

  • Service
    A high value is set on providing the correct advice to our customers – both before and after purchase! We always have an ear for the problems of our customers: We can offer the optimal solution!

    By means of a special service plug, we are able to localize possible malfunctions in our products quickly and easily. For standard devices, we offer an optional 48-hour-service in order that the equipment may be put into operation again as soon as possible.

  • Product diversity
    Within more than 50 years, we have developed an extensive range of products. Some examples are shown below:
    • AC power amplifiers
    • 2/4-quadrant amplifiers
    • Test systems for the power generation industries
    • Oscillators
    • Mains simulation systems
    • Computer-controlled test stations
    Furthermore, you also have the choice between a large range of single devices as well as complete systems.

  • Flexibility
    According to customer specifications, we are able to manufacture complete test stations consisting of components of our series production. We are flexible and you may have complete confidence in our company!

  • Innovative ideas
    When developing new devices, we endeavour to design even more powerful and technically advanced products. Our open-minded development department and up-to-date plant equipment support us in developing today the techniques of tomorrow!

  • World Class
    Worldwide, we are one of the few companies that actually realize high power amplifiers in linear technology. We also have the construction of Mega-Watt-giants under control!