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Former Products

1968: Power Oscillators 500 ... 2000VA

These power oscillators were designed for the testing of electrical and electronic devices of all kinds as well as for components (especially for testing with variable frequency and stable voltage). Additional features enabled the changing of the waveform.


  • Avionics and astronautics
  • Testing of gyroscopic and navigation equipment.

These devices were able to simulate each available a.c. networks (50/60Hz, 400Hz, 162/3Hz).

EN 1000 50EN 250 50

EN 1000 50, EN 250 50

1970: Power Amplifier 10VA ... 100VA


  • Insulation testing of transformers and inductors
  • Testing of capacitors (audio frequency range)
  • Speed control of small-power motors
  • Control of recorders
  • Amplifier for measurement and regulation technology
  • Testing of units and small electronic devices
  • General use in the laboratory

EN 100/B3

EN 100/B3

1971: Voltage Modulator

Voltage modulator ME4 and short-time voltage control TS 1 D used for additional mains simulation for three-phase power supply units.

Application: Mains simulation

ME 4