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The Plant

Spitzenberger & Spies has been one of the leading and first manufacturers of analogous high performance amplifiers for industrial measurement and testing systems for over 50 years.

The product palette is being enhanced by different analysers, measurement devices and accessories in order to allow our customers to save time when testing and measuring at complete systems.

Since its foundation in 1963 Spitzenberger & Spies is located in Viechtach in Bavaria. There Spitzenberger & Spies developed the first fully transistor oriented amplifier in the world, which defined the main product line of the company until today.

Premises Linprunstrasse 1963 - 1977

Premises Schmidstrasse 1977 - 1986

Premises Schmidstrasse since 1986


Spitzenberger & Spies GmbH & Co. KG
Schmidstr. 32-34
D-94234 Viechtach

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